March 19, 2011

So long, crazy week!

This week I worked.
And my sister Sadie came into town to visit during her spring break.
So we drove out to my sister Katie's every day (in between work) to spend time with Sadie and our Ellis fam.
And then Sadie got a big, bad infection in her finger from a cut she sustained while cleaning off moose bones last week for some school project (crazy Alaskan girl!).
And she wound up in the ER needing IV antibiotics.
And I watched all the kids while Katie stayed with Sadie.
And Kenners has had rotavirus this whole time.
Which means she has a fever, is throwing up, and poops 10+ times a day.
Which means that after 6 days of this, her little bottom is now one, big open sore. :(
And Kenners is extremely scared of having her diaper changed.
And we are all a little tired.
And have been taking many trips to the laundromat.
And during all of this, Garrett has his third round of Boards.
But we are still trying to keep up with March Madness and hoping that BYU will play well tonight.  Go Cougs!
We are not looking forward to Sadie leaving tonight.
And Garrett is not looking forward to testing all day tomorrow.
But despite this weeks crazy antics, it was still good: lots of time with Sadie and our Ellis family, some snuggles with my little lady (even if they have been sickly snuggles), and the promise that next week will hopefully see a more relaxed husband, time for me to clean my messy home and make a decent meal, and a healthier Kenners who I'm sure will be back to making her usual mischief. :)
Love her.
Love my man.
Love the little heartburn-inducing snickerdoodle growing inside of me.
Love Sadie.
Love the Ellis'.
Love life, even during a week like this.

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