March 23, 2011

A mini sewing success....and a not so photogenic Kenners

Lately, I have been using my evenings to finish/do a few little projects that I know I won't get around to doing for a LONG time (or ever) once we move in 3 short months.  
Plus, I want to get rid of most all our stuff so we have as little to move as possible, so any fabric and crafty scraps I have lying around must be used or must go!
The other night, I turned an old sweater into a dress for Kenners and turned some old, colorful socks into stockings for her dress. 
This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that the end product actually fit Kenadie and--so long as you don't look too closely--doesn't look all that bad! 
Seeing as I have butchered the majority of my sewing projects in the past year (and all of them have been pretty "easy"), the prospect of maybe having a sliver of sewing abilities in my pinky finger is kind of exciting!
I whipped out the camera and after the first snapshot, Kenadie refused to smile for--let alone look at--the camera. 
Shortest, most-boring photo shoot ever.
Not looking forward to family picture day (assuming I ever schedule one).

Now, who has any EASY (and fast) sewing project ideas to help me use up the rest of my scrap fabrics??


Misner Family said...

It turned out soooo cute! I think I'll be trying that soon.
I also thought you could sew some cute puppets with fun fabrics and colorful hair. You could also make a little purse for Oakley, or a present for Krystal. Are you going to the shower on Sat? as always my fall back for fabric is pillow covers. I have made some really funny ones, but I think ive got it down. Plus I learned how to make ruffles, so there are ruffly pillow covers in my future.

sweetfeet_2 said...

Grandpa thinks she looks like a vanilla/orange sherbert popsicle. Yummy!

Claire Christensen said...

Oh those pics are adorable!! Good job on the sewing!!!

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