January 10, 2011

Things are looking up!

For the first time in 3.5 months I was able to make a real family dinner the other day, sit down and eat it, enjoy the company of my husband and baby, clean it all up, and NOT puke afterward!

Garrett dropped Kenners off at Nursery yesterday.  She had 2 hours of playtime (where she couldn't have cared less about my absence) while I was able to actually listen to and learn from the lessons taught in Sunday School and Relief Society. 

Little baby Christensen is healthy and active.

Garrett and I were able to spend "date night" hashing out our budget and going through the apartment top to bottom to de-clutter and reorganize.  

After the untimely death of my Hoover last month, I got a practically-new vacuum cleaner off Craigslist the other day and my carpet is now not quite so disgusting (now, who has a shampooer that I can borrow!?).

Strep throat in our household: tackled and gone.

Stomach bug: also gone

Nasty cold: lingering, but on its way out.... :)

My apartment is mostly clean and tidy after a morning of cleaning while chatting with my sister on the telephone.  Have you noticed that "chore day" is also the best day to talk on the phone!?  Makes chores more enjoyable and go by much faster.

Kenners has a new favorite word: "Mom".  I'm enjoying it so much right now while she says it with such a sweet little tone to her voice.

After 3+ months, I have finally written a wee post/update on my health blog. 

Yes, considering all the above, I'd say that things are certainly looking up!!

**News flash for the little lady bouncing in her crib in the room next door: Even your 3am, 4am, & 5am anitcs last night and your boycotting of a nap right now is not going to spoil my mood, so nice try. :)


Meg said...

Way to be optimistic, Holly! I'm glad to hear things are looking up!

Bald n Beautiful said...

I have a carpet shampooer you could borrow.

Holly June said...

Annie, you are awesome! I need to come get it!! :)

Misner Family said...

Thats wonderful! Does this mean you will hang out with us again ;)

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