January 22, 2011


There is this part in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire when a colleague of Sally Field's walks into the room and she excitedly greets him with "Stu!" while unknowlingly sporting a nice 'stache from the froth on her frapuccino/cappucino/coffee drink.  I don't know why, but my siblings and I thought that scene was down-right hilarious. Well, we don't drink any of those fancy coffee drinks in our house, but growing up in Mexico, my mom would sometimes make the "Abuelita" brand of hot chocolate for us as a treat (it is THE BEST hot chocolate, by the way) and then put it in the blender to create a nice froth.  And then we'd reenact that pointless scene from Mrs. Doubtfire and giggle while saying, "STU!" with froth all over our mouths.  We affectionately call this drink "stu". Like, "Hey, do you want to make some stu to go with breakfast?"  So odd.  
Well, luckily they sell Abuelita chocolate bars in the Mexcian food section of most grocery stores in the US and I have converted my husband to the magic of this stuff.  It's been quite awhile since I've been able to tolerate anything sweet up until a few weeks ago, and one of the first things I decided to whip up was a little "stu".  Heaven.  Seriously, if you haven't before, you have to try this stuff.  Plus, something about frothy drinks just makes me feel all fancy.....and it's kind of fun to teach Kenners how to sport the 'stache and say, "STU!"  She laughs hysterically. 


mapmaker's wife said...

Do you - by chance - remember the delicious penguin?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I loved that part too!

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