January 30, 2011

How to Train Your Dancer.....

Kenadie is (thankfully) soooo over her obsession with the Tinkerbell movie.
She has moved on to a new addiction. 
Every morning right after a diaper change and a sippy of water, she runs to the living room, hands me the remote, and begs me to put on "How to Train Your Dragon" (cute movie, by the way).  
Oddly enough, she doesn't really want to watch the movie.  
She just wants to dance to the soundtrack music. 
She spends at least half of the movie creating messes around the apartment or reading books to herself, but when she hears the music begin to swell, she comes running to the living room and begins her pirouettes and plies.

This girl just wants to dance, and apparently music from other soundtracks (or CDs, or Pandora) just doesn't cut it.
Her favorite part of the movie?  
The credits.  It's 5-10 minutes of non-stop music. 

(Please take note of the tip-toes.)

The biggest bonus: at the end of the day once the movie has played 3-ish or so times and Kenadie has spent several hours flailing her arms and spinning on her toes, she is one exhausted little dancer.


The Clingo Family said...

Haha! How cute and funny! My little toddler LOVES this movie too, in fact, it's the only movie he will watch. I am officially sick of this movie, but he begs me to let him watch it everyday too! It's funny how toddlers will get stuck on something and then that's all they want :-)

Take care!

Claire Christensen said...

Love the visuals!

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