January 17, 2011

Grit Schmit

10 minutes before the babysitter was to arrive Saturday afternoon,
I kinda "threw-out" my back. 
I was tossing Kenners up in the air, and.....pinch!
Luckily my husband is just months away from being a chiropractor, so a little massage and an adjustment was heaven-sent.  However, he insisted that cross-country skiing probably wasn't the best idea for our date anymore.  
I was bummed.
But the babysitter was already there so we decided to still go out and just change our plans.
I took some tylenol and we went to see the movie "True Grit".
I've never been a big western flick kinda gal, but everyone has been raving about how good a movie this was and how amazing the acting was, so I have been really wanting to see this movie for awhile.
Well, the acting was superb.
The humor, dialogue, and wit was impeccable.
The scenes were beautifully shot.
The movie as a whole......not my favorite.
Maybe I'm unfairly judging the movie because the theatre was so crammed we had to sit in the front row where the gore was a little too much in-my-face and icky.
Maybe Garrett kinda ruined how honest and realistic the whole movie seemed to be by pointing out that someone bit by a rattlesnake would be screaming bloody murder and writhing/convulsing in pain (seeing as he lived through that whole experience).
Maybe the movie was ruined by the smell of hard liquor on the guys sitting next to us combined with the smell of buttered popcorn (which still makes me queasy).  
Maybe I just set my expectations too high.
Anyhow, while very well-done, it was kind of a "waa-waa-waa" date movie for me. 
Luckily, we went to Potbelly afterward for dinner (my first time going) to help me erase the gory images and alcohol smell from my mind.
Can I ever eat Subway again after that Potbelly sandwich!?  It was so heavenly and definitely worth the punishing gluten.
Oh, and we even managed to take a picture of us together afterward as we sat on our couch watching the NFL play-offs and eating rocky road ice cream.

I love this guy. 

1 comment:

Laura said...

I completely agree with your assessment of the movie. Not my favorite either! Glad you got a date and a yummy sandwich though! Love the DH times!

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