January 6, 2011

Dearest Kenadie,

How on earth did you go from this:

to this:

so dang fast!? 
You are 18 months old.  1 1/2 years old.  
And I can't believe it.
What I can't believe even more is how much my love for you grows everyday.
I honestly can't imagine life without you and can't believe that Heavenly Father saw fit to bless me with you as my daughter.

Here is a little bit of what you are like at this stage in your life....
As you are able to do more and more, you get less frustrated, throw less tantrums, and consequently do cuter, funnier things everyday. 
You LOVE the water: bathtub, hot tub, pool, puddle, toilet, it doesn't matter.  If water is in the vicinity, you will play in it.
Broccoli is still one of your favorite foods.
You are a Christensen through and through and have a deep love of anything chocolate.
You still have your cheeks!  Hooray!
You still love me to sing "I Love to See the Temple" to you every night.
You fold your arms so reverently for prayers......but you've started to get distracted halfway through and attempt to play--but still with folded arms.
You blow on your food to cool it off before taking a bite of almost anything.
You love SPACE, which is a bummer seeing as we live in a wee little apartment.
You have become a champion sleeper!
You like to pretend to ignore me or look at me like you don't understand me.....I'm learning that you are much smarter than I sometimes give you credit for.
You love animals.
In the past month, your vocabulary has gone from pretty much non-existent to consisting of the following words:
"nose" (pronounced "nooooooo")
"cheeks" (pronounced "cheech!")
"blub" (sound a fishy makes)
and "neigh" (like a horsey).
You only say these words when you want to, almost never when asked to.
You no longer care for "Wonder Pets" but you love to watch the Tinkerbell movie (over and over).
Your happiness can be guaranteed if "Single Ladies" is on the radio or if a cell phone is within your reach.
You like to dance on your tip-toes.
You are still attached to the binkie at night and I dread the day I have to wean you from it......I think I'll wait awhile.
You are still Daddy's girl, but you are starting to snuggle with me more and more.  I LOVE IT! 

Life with you and your daddy is pretty perfect. 
Sure, you still throw fits.  You wake up in the middle of the night periodically. 
You are an expert at shoving things up your nose and in your ears.
But you're about as perfect as a kid comes.
So can you please just stay little like this forever?
I'm having too much fun.


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