December 11, 2010


Should I look back at my blog posts of the past few months and think and that my life has only consisted of puking, weird dreams, and minor Kenners surgeries, I figured that I better post something on here about what has really been going on lately.  
My excuses to not blog lately have included: minor Kenadie surgeries :), work, more Christmas projects than I planned on doing, and a pregnancy brain has left me with no interesting way to write down all these daily events. 
Plus, I have taken only a handful of pictures in the past two months--shame shame--most of them of a very scruffy-looking Kenners:

(The cookie picture just makes me laugh.  Her 'do is starting to remind me of a cross between a Hanson brother and Justin Bieber.  Yikes.  Someone save this girl's mane--Kelsey? Auntie Adrienne??)

Anyway, despite a slower pace, life still does go on, and my existence does extend beyond the couch.  So here's a short little run-down of the latest.....

a)  Christmas projects.   This has taken up the bulk of my "extra time", and that's really all I can say since all my projects have been gifts for people who (I think) read this blog.  Let's just say I'm excited for everyone to open their gifts on Christmas morning! :)

b) I'm pregnant!  I know I've announced and mentioned it several times on my blog, but it hasn't really seemed "real" for me until my first official prenatal appointment yesterday.  I haven't let myself get too excited about the pregnancy because of a few threats to miscarry in the early weeks, but when I heard the baby's strong heartbeat yesterday, I got a little giddy.  Oh, there IS a little person in there causing my lovely symptoms!  Well then, I guess it's all worth it! :)  I feel very blessed.  14 weeks down.....

c) Work.  It's been crazy.  Some days I love it, some days....not so much.  Some days I wish I could be a NICU nurse or a Labor and Delivery nurse.  Other days, I just want to be at home listening to Kenners tell me "no, no, no" all day despite my great efforts to limit that word in my vocabulary.

d) Reading.  I'm currently reading "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven" by Grant Von Harrison.  I must say, it is probably one of the best books I've read.  I also just started reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith which I've been wanting to read for awhile now.  I have about a half dozen other books that I wanted to read before the end of this year.....which means that maybe I'll get around to reading them in the next few years?? :)

e) Does anyone know how to convince a child to stop sticking objects in their ears or up their nose?  I'm at a loss......

f) Eating Spinach and Artichoke dip with chips and celery.  Cheesy, full of calories, has some veggies in it to help me feel like I'm being healthy, and is keeps me from further weight loss.  Is it so weird that it is one of the very few foods I can still tolerate after eating twice!? 

And I think that covers the main highlights, although may I add the fact that we're spending a nice Saturday snuggling at home while a blizzard is raging through Minnesota?  15-20 inches of snow by this evening.  35-20 mph winds.  Wind chill of -30 degrees.  Who wouldn't want to live here!?!

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Anonymous said...

On my mission to Germany, we were to read "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven" every day. I have read it multiple times and because of the principles I learned from reading it, saw miracles happen on my mission. I agree. It is a great book!! maybe I will pull out my worn and beat-up copy and read it again- after all, it HAS been a while.

Happy night and hope you feel good, soon.


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