October 19, 2010

My latest recipe

Okay, okay.  I'll come clean.
I have been cooking up a storm lately, 
but I have a feeling that this will be the ONLY thing I bake or cook for quite some time.

Temperature is set at 98.6 degrees.
Baking time between 38-42 weeks, though this bun will determine when it's officially "done", (sometime in June). 

Yes, I realize that only makes me about 7 weeks along.  
But, you see, I'm not a super woman like 95% of you out there. 
I cannot puke every day for 3 months and somehow hide it from everyone.  
I'm lousy at faking feeling good,
and with the amazing acoustics in the bathroom at work, it only took a few hours for every co-worker (and even a patient or two) to figure out what was going on.  (Same situation applied at church). 
So why not just tell the world, right? 
Plus, now you know why I just can't bring myself to post the yummy Pumpkin Harvest Soup recipe that I made the other day.  Just thinking about that soup that I loved so much just a few weeks ago, makes me start to gag.  I made a huge vat of that stuff and poor Garrett had to eat it all himself, and in the other room so I didn't have to see or smell it.  

And yes, Zofran and I are BFFs once again....though it still doesn't prevent daily, multiple mad-dashes for the loo, which Kenners happens to love and find absolutely hilarious, by the way.  She scuttles right behind me and claps and squeals in delight the whole time.  It is rather hilarious and kind of cute. 
What is not so hilarious or cute is losing most of "my shows" on TV because they are on the Food Network.  I just had to delete a dozen episodes of the Next Iron Chef and cancel recording the Rachel Ray "30-Minute Meals" show.  Blech!

But should this begin to sound like a complain-fest, allow me just to say how
extremely happy we are,
how very excited I am,
and how grateful I feel to be given the gift of carrying this little bun for the next 7 months.  It truly is a blessing and a miracle, and definitely worth every less-than-fun moment that passes until The Moment when Kenners becomes a big sister! 


Merkley Jiating said...

I am so happy for you! Congratulations! Woo hoo! This is awesome! I hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean about foods making you feel sick that you used to think were delicious. I made Cafe Rio salads when I was about 7 weeks along and I still feel sick when I think about it, especially the smell of the leftovers in the fridge.

Taffy and Tony said...

Congratulations! And I'm sorry, but the thought of Kennady giggling as you're puking actually made me giggle just a little. But really, I'm sorry you feel yucky! Hope the time goes quickly for you.

Taffy and Tony said...

Sorry for misspelling your cute Kenadie's name. Oops!

mapmaker's wife said...

Congratu-ma-lations!!!! :)

Vanessa said...

Congrats! It is a true miracle! Kenners will be an adorable big sister!

Tina said...

Congrats! Hang in there! So excited for you!

katie said...

Congratulations! I am soooo excited for you! Sorry you're feeling sick, but you're a wonderful mommy!

Claire Christensen said...

Yeah!!! This is my official Congratualations! We could not be more pleased to have another adorable grandchild! You are an amazing mommy and I am so happy for you both. So very sorry about the sickness, I feel your pain! Since it started so early maybe it will go away earlier:) That would be nice!

Crystal said...

I actually thought this was going to be a recipe for a second! Congratulations Holly and family! I hope you end up feeling better this time.

Clint and Whit Smith said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! Tyan use to do the same thing to me when I was pregnant with Krew! He would just giggle at me every time I was sick! Hope you get feeling well soon!

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