September 21, 2010

Just Say "NO"

to mullets that is.  
I am a firm advocate of the "Just Say 'No' to Mullets" campaign
because I would imagine that such a campaign exists
and because I believe that mullets have the unfortunate effect of making everyone look 100% less attractive than they would be otherwise.
(I'm sorry A.C. Slater, but even your muscles and charming dimples could not make up for the hideousness that was your mullet back in the Saved By the Bell days.)
Yes, I do believe this world would be a better place without the mullet....
and then I took this picture a few weeks ago of Kenners:

and thought, "Oh, no! A mullet in training!?"
And yesterday it became eye-searingly obvious that she now has a full-blown mullet.
(Because I refuse to produce photographic evidence of it out of sheer pride, just imagine a very unsightly Kenners mullet.)
So, as soon as she gets over this croupy cold that she has,
I am speeding my little hiney over to my friend Kelsey's house to have her chop off the evidence that I ever let my child resemble a fashion icon from the 80s.
Kenners, please forgive me!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

does this great hate of mullets stem from the fact that you had an "almost mullet" yourself at one time? My but you wore it so well.

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