September 2, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Mine used to grow in a small window box over our balcony, but my five herb plants died from heat and dehydration while we were on vacation (a very painful death, I'm told).
That is besides the point of this blog
because I guess the title of this blog should really be "How does Aunt Clyda's garden grow?"  
And the answer would be, "more beautiful and abundant than any garden you'd ever see on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens."
It's true.

While we were on vacation last week, we took a day to drive up to Cokeville, Wyoming to see some of my extended family.  We spent the morning with my aunts picking raspberries and admiring Clyda's lovely greenhouse and garden:

Kenners entertained herself the entire time 

and hydrated herself as necessary when it began to get hot.

For dinner we had a classic Oberg feast: lasagne made by Linda, fresh veggies and corn on the cob from the garden, and homemade raspberry shakes (that blow Bear Lake raspberry shakes out of the water, I might add.  Sorry, but true!).
It was divine.  
It only made me more antsy for the day when I can let my children get dirty and have fun in the garden and when I can regularly eat my own homegrown produce.  I only hope I've been blessed with the same green thumb as Aunt Clyda's, because holy smokes, people!

Most importantly, we got to spend some precious time with family while in Cokeville, specifically my cousin Jared (who is in the final stages of brain cancer), his cute wife, Val, and their four awesome kids.  Despite all they're going through, they remain incredibly strong, giving, kind, and upbeat. 
I wish we could have spent more time with them, but I am soo soo glad that we were able to make the trip up for a day and for everyone's willingness to let us intrude! :)  (Of course, I am a space-case and forgot to take any pictures with my Cokeville family...arg!)
Thanks for having us, Cokevillians!  We love you all! :)


Claire Christensen said...

Beautiful Gardens, WoW!

Nicole said...

What a great pic of Kennedy pouring the water down her front!! :)

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