August 29, 2010

We're baaaack!

As promised
I have taken a lot of pictures,
have a few good stories to tell,
and AM less pasty-white (thank-you, sun!)
And I don't know where to start blogging about it all.
Nor do I have the time right now (thank-you Nursery calling!).
Let's just say that after 15 days of travel, family, sun, beach, sand-eating (Kenners), boating, hiking, very little sleep (thank-you to both Kenadie's molars and eye teeth and to late-night games of Nerts!), and nasty head colds,
I am kind of glad to be back home--safe and sound in my own bed and back into a routine that will (hopefully) be much more conducive to Kenners sleeping through the night so that I can finally sleep more than 5 hours of sleep! 
Hooray for awesome vacations! 
(Now if only I could somehow take a vacation to recover from this vacation!?)

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