June 22, 2010


I'm losing a little motivation to blog
because I have found the motivation to start a regular work-out routine. 
We are FINALLY experiencing some summer sun
and I have found the motivation to schedule daily outdoor ventures so that we can enjoy it (and get some color on our doughy-white skin, perhaps!?).
Within the last few weeks, I have found the motivation to bake more bread and try a new recipe every week, like this Orange-Lemon Chicken, for example.
I have also found the motivation to get my hiney in gear to create a fun, better-organized Nursery because speaking of hineys, Nursery is kicking mine!
I have been more motivated to read to Kenadie regularly, show her pictures everyday of her far-away relatives, and tell her the stories of Jesus. 
And I've finally motivated myself to work on making my Colic Comfort Packs that I am selling on my sister-in-law's website, The Mommy Brand.  Check it out! 
Throw working part-time into the equation and by the end of the day, I'm almost out of motivation to write anything blog-worthy.
So instead of waiting for motivation to come, I'm just writing anyway and hoping that it's somewhat coherent and interesting.....

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mapmaker's wife said...

That's a really cute picture! :)

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