April 13, 2010

Joyeux Anniversaire!

(Papa, Grandma and Kenadie, July 2009)

Happy Anniversary
to two of my favorite people! 
Garrett has been blessed with wonderful parents;
I am blessed with such amazing and supportive in-laws;
Kenners is blessed to have loving and doting grandparents.
We love you, Mom and Dad! 

Today also marks the 9 year anniversary of Garrett being bitten by a rattlesnake. 

It is kind of a weird anniversary to celebrate,
but it was a major milestone in Garrett's life.
The event put him on bed rest for a month and nearly cost him his life.
But this event also began the process of Garrett making some major changes in his life that led him to serve a mission for our church, get his education, and ultimately meet and marry me. :)
So thank you, Mr. Rattlesnake, for biting my sweetheart in the ankle 9 years ago today.
If it weren't for you, our family may not exist today!


Talia said...

I agree, they are some of the best grandparents any kids could ask for! :)

Claire Christensen said...

Thank You Holly and we feel the same way about our wonderful daughters in law and sons in law, we are truly blessed!!!!!,
The rattlesnake experience was so life changing Sid even wrote a book on How a rattlesnake saved my sons life (or something like that), so that is definitly something to celebrate!!!

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