April 13, 2010

Dear Toyota Sienna:

You are beautiful.
You are spacious. 
You make it much easier on a mother's back when she straps her child into a car seat.
You can hold a stroller, groceries, suitcases, and more than one child at a time. 
I am having major minivan envy because my sister just purchased you
and I want to own you.
Please wait for me 
until I can afford you
and I promise we will be good friends. 
Your faithful,


Talia said...

Dear Holly:

Trust me you don't ever want to own a mini-van!

Haha! :)

Holly June said...

Oh, well everyone I know really likes their Honda or Toyota mini-vans (at least the new models)!
I must admit, I would LOVE a nice SUV, but they cost twice as much as the really nice minivans and get a lot less gas mileage. So until we are financially set, we'll probably have to settle for a minivan (which we still can't afford yet), but maybe someday.....because I would really would LOVE to have your car!!! :)

Talia said...

I was just teasing! I just remember feeling like such an old lady in my van! ;)

We used to have an Odyssey... and well I can't say anything bad about it, but I would have to say in my opinion an SUV has many more pluses. My gas mileage actually isn't that far behind the Sienna's. I average 17 and the 2011 Sienna only gets 19 (city).

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