January 20, 2016

Where Have We Been?!

Where have I been and why have I been MIA from my blog?!  Well, let me tell you a little story.....
Once upon a time, I thought I would do a little service project making wigs for girls with cancer--no big deal.  But I had forgotten how very efficient social media is at spreading an idea, and supposedly this idea was a popular one.
Princess Isabella with Ariel hair

Can't find a bigger smile than on this little cancer-fighting Rapunzel!

Soon the project went viral.  In addition to being featured in articles in over a dozen countries, we were also featured in The Huffington Post, Upworthy,  Today.com, and Oprah.com just to name a few, and we were most recently featured on the show "The Doctors".

Consequently, I unintentionally gained a 40+ hour/week job organizing this movement to make wigs worldwide for little girls with cancer and turn it into a non-profit.  I long to take some of my life back and sometimes regret the day I asked for donations on Facebook--I never intended for the project to blow up like this--but how can you stop when you are greeted daily via email with the pictures of beautiful little girls all over the world fighting cancer and longing for some princess hair?!  So we carry on!  Plus, it has been more rewarding than I could ever describe.  Life is so sweet to be able to serve others, and I have loved the effect it has on my children.  Kenadie and Lila are eager to help where they can and Kenadie always remembers in her nightly prayers to ask a blessing on the little girls with cancer and to help us get enough wigs to all the little girls who don't have hair.  Cue the water works.
Me and my partner in crime, Bree, drowning in the madness together!

Logo courtesy of the talented Bree Hitchcock

But remember how I also have 3 little kids at home?

They are the greatest and being their mom is what I LIVE for, but 90 hours/week of caring for kids plus 40 hours/week of Magic Yarn proves difficult to juggle.  I think I am failing at it 90% of the time!

And in the middle of it all, I had torn the cartilage in my hip and needed surgery.

This made caring for kids and the wig project a challenge.
My children took full advantage of my inability to get around very quickly or very well.  Besides this dumped bottle of baby powder, Soren flooded our downstairs by shoving toilet paper in the toilet and flushing it over and over (he did the same to the upstairs toilets as well).  We had lots of germs and messes floating around for awhile.....and we still kind of do......

No time for rest, the fairy godmothers delivered some wigs--one with her crutches

And then my baby boy turned 2, which was terrible and wonderful all at once because there is nothing cuter than a 2 year old boy, but he won't be a 2 year old boy for long and he's growing up too fast!  He is also super fun and very distracting.

And it was also the Christmas season, which is super fun but also super busy.
Kennedy's school Christmas concert.  Preciousness.

Christmas magic

After months of watching mommy make wigs, they FINALLY got their very own rainbow mermaid wigs.

And my sister Hanna (and sister Sadie) came into town for Christmas with her family so of course we had to spend lots of time with her and her most-delicious twin babies.
The twins satisfied my baby hunger.  LOVE babies!

And in-between it all there were lots of physical therapy appointments for the pesky hip.

And the glue to our family has probably been severely neglected by his wife.  We need a date. 
And so I haven't had much time to blog these days (let alone sleep or shower).

And that makes me sad.

If my hip could tolerate it and I had won a tiny fraction of that ridiculous 1.5 billion dollar powerball lottery, we'd be hopping on an airplane tonight for a relaxing family vacation complete with lots of quality time together, some warmer weather, and plenty of time to write a more detailed blog update.

But I didn't even buy a lottery ticket, so here we are: busy, happy, crazy, and our life remains as blessed and wonderful as ever!

A busy life is better than a boring one, anyway. :)

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