August 10, 2015

Love the Alaskan Summers

Alaska is known for its breathtaking northern lights in the winter, sweeping mountain landscapes, snowy and dark winters, massive glaciers, plentiful wildlife, and.......often-rainy summers. 
That is, until our family moved to Alaska 4 years ago and Alaska decided it loved us so much that it has given us beautiful, warm, sun-filled summers. 
No complaints from this crew, we have LOVED our summers here and this summer has been no exception!

Here's our summer in pictures!

hiking Matanuska Glacier on a hot day

Lots of sprinkler-running and sun-bathing

Daddy took the kids to Nancy Lake one Saturday morning (while mommy got a rare and most-appreciated massage)

Fudgsicles with Miss Mary and the BFF's

Family trip to Eklutna Lake

Eklutna Lake at 8pm

Sooooo much grilling! 

Garrett's took a trip to the Kenai with his buddy Nick to go dipnetting for reds. 

44 reds in a little over 24 hours ain't bad! 

A lot of outdoor dinners

Nothing beats Miss Mary's four-wheeler! 

Little kid heaven!  Not only are they on the four-wheeler, Lila is with her best little buddy, Red, and Soren is cruisin' with his lady, Kinley. ;)

I've learned the hard way that if we don't go somewhere on these gorgeous days, my kids get bored and the back deck becomes "Mud-pie Central". 

Tri-color tomatoes. Taste even better than they look!

Ventured up to Independence Mine for an "easy hike" with all three kiddos and a few other friends.  It is so gorgeous up there! 

These long summer days and nights are enjoyed to the fullest because we know they are precious and don't last (aka school starts next week and I'm kind of in denial over summer coming to a close).
Thanks for treating us so well, Alaska!  You sure have been good to us. :)  

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