August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Christensens!

This past week the Christensen family turned 8 years old! ;)
As a family we celebrated this day when our family was born

It's hard to believe that in 8 years we have added 3 family members, many moves, and packed a whole lot of adventures into our family. 
We celebrated as a family by pulling out pictures of when Garrett and I dated to show the kids as well as showing them our wedding album.  
We spoke about the sacred importance of the temple to our eternal family.

Then we sang happy birthday to our family and blew out candles on some most-delicious ice cream cupcakes.

They were delicious.

And then we took a bunch of super-attractive family selfies. :)

I knew I was marrying my best friend 8 years ago but could not have imagined all the fun, joy, and happiness that would come along with it.  
Happy birthday, Christensen fam!  May you live to see many more birthdays, more adventures, and more flattering photo shoots. ;)

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