May 7, 2015

Lucky to be a Mom of 3

Being a mom is the best.

 The best fun.

The best laughs.

Kenadie's note to me one evening when I would not make "something else" for dinner. :)

The best test of patience.

The best snuggles.

The best access to bite-able cheeks. 

The best way to exhaust yourself by 6pm every evening.

The best way to make a heart melt into a puddle of goo. 

Just the best.

Hooray for moms this coming Mother's Day, but really, I say hooray for getting to BE a mom.  Aren't we the lucky ones?! 

I always planned on having 8 kids, but that number has slowly decreased with each difficult pregnancy and circumstance until it has come to the reality that 3 will probably be our magic number (unless there is some divine intervention that says otherwise).  This has been hard to accept as I still long for a few more kiddos but know that I really ought to be alive and healthy enough to raise the ones I have now.  

It is to hard to think of not having another one of these precious babes placed in my arms for the first time again....

......but the reality that I am probably on my "last one" has helped me to be more present and soak in the moments I have with my young children right now.  It has prompted me to better enjoy this time.  I snuggle a little more.  I clean/craft/cook a little less.  By supermom standards, I "accomplish" very little  during my day lately.  I am just enjoying this phase of motherhood because I know how much I will someday miss it.  I sometimes struggle with the nostalgia of "the last baby" and realizing that we won't be the family with a minivan full of children......

......but then I think of all the fun we still get to have!  I still get to be a mom to THREE beautiful children (some people don't even get to have one and I get three!) and in exiting the baby stage of motherhood, I am entering the kid stage where family outings, hikes, camp-outs, and vacations will become more possible and less stress-inducing because we won't have a little baby in tow.  I will also get to form different and close bonds with my three children that I may not have been able to if I were to be juggling eight kids.   

So while having a huge family really would have been awesome,
having a smaller-than-anticipated family will be just as awesome.
The more I realize this, the less I ache for more and the more my heart wants to burst with happiness.
Aren't I the lucky one?! 


Camber said...

I love your attitude about motherhood, Holly. Also, considering how hard pregnancy is for you, I will forever be amazed by the fact that you chose to have 2 more kids after your first. What an incredible sacrifice you made for them. You're amazing!

KevandChels said...

I read a talk called learning to live with the ache. It was by a mom who was packing up her crib for the last time, and how she felt she would always ache for another tiny baby. That article made me think a lot about our eternal nature. If we are who our theology teaches, and will become what our theology teaches, then we probably will always ache for one more newborn. It's just a part of us. Somehow that gave me comfort, and a feeling of calm, rather than the panic I usually feel "this is going tooooo FASTttttt!"

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