January 29, 2015

Two Months Without Blogging

I haven't blogged since November.  Probably because I feel like everything I'd like to blog about would make for naked blog posts without pictures, and my computer will no longer upload pictures.  We've had an eventful few months (Christmas, New Year's, birthdays, work, school, etc) but sometimes I think, who would want to read about it all with zero pictures?!  Boring!
Le sigh.
Then the other day I was thinking about something I had written in my journal in college and went to get my journal to look it up.......and remembered that it is gone (burned in the fire).  It is sad to have not only those pictures and the recordings of life's daily events gone, but the words I had written regarding my thoughts, feelings, and musings about life.  Not that anyone else needs to read about what I think, but someday I may want to read about it.  Someday maybe my kids and grandkids will want to.......and I can't and they can't if there's nothing to read because I was too discouraged by my old computer to keep writing.  Pictures are nice, but the words are important, too.  (And I can always find time to go upload photos onto my mom's computer to use for my blog, so no really good excuse there, right?!)

So first things first.
So what have we been up to?

I've gone back to work (very part-time) as a clinic nurse for our valley's orthopedic surgeons.  It's been different working directly for and with doctors, but I enjoy my co-workers, the office staff, my patients, and putting on my "nurse" hat again.  Sometimes I wish I could live two lives (and live them well), one as a mom and one as a nurse because I really do love my profession and a part of me wishes I could spend more time doing it.

Garrett is moving into a new, bigger office this spring!  Long weeks and long hours have meant one thing: he has gotten really busy really fast!  He loves what he does, his patients love him, and with word-of-mouth bringing him new patients daily, his current office has become too small and cramped for the amount of business he and his massage therapists are getting.  It is daunting and somewhat nerve-wracking to be expanding a practice only a year after opening it, but hopefully this new office and more hired help will allow for Garrett to use his time with his patient's more efficiently and effectively and get him home before 9pm!  We can't wait to see him in the evenings again!

We had a fabulous Christmas!
   ~ We started the popular (and consequently hated-by-some-people) Elf on the Shelf tradition.  It made the Christmas season so magical for our girls.  They absolutely loved it.  Kenadie writes letters to "Elfie" at the North Pole regularly and says she misses him and can't wait for him to come back in December.
   ~ Garrett and I were asked to put on our church's Christmas Party.  We had the GREATEST time decking out the church building and turning it into "Old Nauvoo".  I'll have to reserve a blog post just for this party.  So many people helped to make it an awesome night.
   ~ We got to spend a whole month with our Texas Willardson cousins as they came up for a visit!  Bowling, Bouncin' Bears, sledding, swimming, and a whole lot of playing with their cousins left our girls reeeeally sad when they had to say goodbye to Ben, Dallin, and Logan.  Whenever the doorbell rings, Lila still jumps up and shouts, "It's my Dallin!  I just know it!!"
   ~ Our community had another very successful "Loaves of Love" fundraiser in December for a small boy in Wasilla battling leukemia.  I tell ya what, our valley has some of the greatest people around.  So many volunteers and so much work goes into this fundraiser and it has become one of the highlights of my year!

Other than that, we have been loving watching our kids learn and grow, and it is just the sweet icing to life.  I love being a parent.  Though it may be the hardest job anyone can have, it really is the greatest as well.  I learn so much from each of my kids and love the extra joy, hope, happiness, and laughter they bring to life.  If ever you're on the fence about whether or not to have children, consider this my endorsement for parenthood.  Sure it's full of poopy diapers, tantrums, sleepless nights, boogery noses, and endless messes, but if it wasn't, people would never stop having kids because the pros really do outweigh those cons by about 150 times.  Thanks for keeping life awesome, kiddos.  Your mama sure does love you.

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