June 29, 2014

Color Run Fun

With Christensen Chiropractic up and running with a pretty busy and often full schedule, Garrett decided that he could start to afford to take a few Saturdays off here and there to spend with the family. 
Five months of working 12+ hour days 6 days a week has definitely worn him out and our little family has really missed him, so the Saturdays he has taken off this summer have felt like Christmas!  We have really learned to appreciate him and the time we have with him.

One activity we made sure to add to our summer to-do list was to participate in the Anchorage Color Run.  
I figured it would either be a real blast or it would be a flop and include children crying because they got colored corn starch in their eyes or were too tired to walk the whole 5k.
Well, it was a blast. :)

The kids did awesome considering getting woken up early to drive into Anchorage.  They were so excited to go "run in a rainbow". 

They were especially pumped to sport the little tattoos we got at check-in.

Representing excellence in chiropractic care:

There were so many people there, the energy of the crowd was great, and the weather was perfect for a run.   

Soren was a gem and slept a good portion of the run in his jogging stroller.
Kenadie and Lila were also pretty awesome.  Kenadie ran a good 2 miles of the race:

Lila even hopped out of her stroller and ran for about 1/2 mile as fast as her little legs would carry her, pumping her arms with all her might.
It was the cutest thing.

And the girls were in heaven at the color stations and had the time of their lives pouring colored corn starch in their hair (made for one colorful bathtub later that night!).

Gotta love how ticked Kenadie looks in this photo and how Lila just can't keep her eyes open facing the sun! Ha!

Kenadie is already talking about how she wants to run the entire time at next year's color run and she's already planning out how she is going to dowse herself in color. ;)

Truly, the happiest 5k on the planet.

And apparently the most exhausting one as well. :)

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