May 8, 2014

Such Devoted Sisters

My two girls have reached the magical age where they are BFF's, play together all day long, hug and snuggle each other, look out for and stick up for each other, and.......fight like mortal enemies. :) 

'Tis true that I have caught them acting out the parts of Elsa and Anna from "Frozen" while holding hands and dancing, only to then have Lila scream bloody-murder because Kenadie bit her ear a few minutes later--and those bite marks stayed for hours, people!  (To be fair, Lila can be quite the biter)
However, as much as they fight, they love each other like crazy as well.

Always playing dress-up.

Always acting out "Frozen".

Often snuggling together.

Sometimes ending up in the same bed at night and sleeping side-by-side.  
Making sure the other is taken care of and that other children are being nice to "my Lila" or to "my Kenners".  

I simply love it.
Probably because I was lucky enough to also have a sister close to me in age and who I could play with all the time. 
 (Me and Katie: BFF Sisters)

Sure, Katie and I could definitely fight with each other (especially during those pesky pre-teen and teen years), but we remain close today and I'm just so glad that no matter how often they pinch, bite, kick, or scream at each other, that my girls will still love each other and will always have one another. 
Such lucky little beauties. :) 

1 comment:

Talia said...

Wow! Lila really is your twin!! Love all the changes to the blog! Looks great. I know how time consuming that can be!

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