April 29, 2014

The Third Child

*Warning: Massive photo dump of baby Soren.  Trying to make up for all the blogging about him I haven't been doing!*

Poor Soren is living up to nearly every third child stereotype.  He doesn't get held nearly enough (and is quite sad about it) as I juggle time with the other girls.
We are just barely getting a napping routine set--although with a busy schedule and not much time at home, this routine only gets followed a few times a week so lots of naps get missed, poor boy!
This child gets smothered with love by his older sisters and I often have to make sure he isn't getting literally smothered, suffocated or crushed!
Shoving a binkie in his mouth: 

His "help me!!!" expression:

The only stereotype he isn't living up to is not having many pictures taken of him.  Thank heavens for the iPhone that allows me to snap a lot of pictures of this little guy. (I just don't put them up here as often as I posted about his sisters!)

I just love love love him! 
Like my other babies, he started out pretty fussy and bouncing him on the yoga ball became part of our evening routine.

However, in the past month as I have made it a point to let him get more sleep in his crib, and now that he sleeps on his tummy and has finally started sleeping longer during the night he has become a much more pleasant baby.

He still loves him mama!! 

He loves to coo and squawk.
He is an angel when he sleeps.

He loves to suck on his fist and fingers:

And.....he loves boobies.  Wouldn't stop staring wide-eyed at his auntie Hanna's chest during our Texas/Utah trip:

Also while on our Texas/Utah trip, Soren became BFF's with Hanna's little dog, Cassie:

Cassie sat right on his lap the whole drive from Salt Lake City to Salina.
 It was so cute how protective she was of Soren.

At 4 months old, he still has no interest in rolling over and when on his tummy, he just lays there with his head down and makes no attempt to lift his head and look around.  My girls were starting to scoot all over the place at this point, so it's such a change for me to have this chill little baby who doesn't care to go places yet.  At least he's started to find some entertainment in his little floor mat, allowing me some happy baby time to get things done:

He had a sweet mohawk that I finally trimmed a little over a month ago:

and after:

He is TALL and has some cute fluff on him, though he is not as chubby as his sisters were.  He just moved into  month clothing, though 6 month pants fall off his slender little waist. 

He discovered his tongue last month and has had a fascination with it ever since.  Cute!

He is such a smiley baby and loves to flirt with strangers.

He especially loves one of Garrett's receptionists, Kim, and couldn't stop smiling and laughing at her the other day.
He is quite the charmer.
even when not smiling, he's still cute and his expressions are dead-ringers for his daddy.

Milk drunk! 

Everyone loves and adores him.....
his grandpa:

his Auntie Annie:

his Uncle Bret:

Especially his daddy.

But most especially his mommy.

This kid puts up with practically non-stop smooching, and he's a pretty good sport about it. 

Oh, how we love you, little Soren.  You are such a sweet little blessing to this family.  I think we'll keep ya! 

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Taffy and Tony said...

He really is a doll! And in my experience, third children become FANTASTIC at entertaining themselves!

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