December 2, 2013

Return to Blogging -- 600th post

After a few weeks sans blogging, it is a daunting task to try to "catch-up" on here, especially since things have been so ridiculously busy and hectic.  
Besides moving, having us all come down with the awful 3-week-long lung and sinus crap, the holidays, and being pretty pregnant, we've managed to squeeze in a family trip to the North Pole (yes, there is such a city, and it's in Alaska!), and Garrett and I returned last week from a week-long trip to Hawaii. 
My plans for today involved blogging about said tropical, heavenly getaway to paradise, but apparently my family needs to eat (which means I need to get some grocery shopping done) and I am nesting like a maniac, which means the bathrooms need to be sterilized and I need to set unreasonable expectations of cleanliness and neatness in our home in order to keep from going insane.  
So the blogging will have to wait until a little later and this 600th post is really nothing special. 
But to appease those who might actually still read this darned thing, here are a few snapshots of paradise and a preview to your guide for your future trip to Maui. :) 

Beautiful sunsets at the beach:

and on a 10,000ft mountain top:

Amazing flora and scenery around the islands:

We had just a little bit of fun :)

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