September 13, 2013

California Trip

As I had mentioned in my previous post, the girls and I traveled to California for my brother Joey's wedding at the end of August. 
And as I had mentioned in the post before that, traveling with children is super awesome.

 (After an oxygen-deprived tantrum that caused her to pass out, Lila finally fell asleep and Kenadie woke her up a few minutes later.  Sisters, aren't they the best?! ;)

It was HOT while we were in California, and we fit 3 beach days a few pool days into the short week we were there.

Lila, Kaleia, Kenadie, and Kanani all lovin' the beach weather:

More beach fun:

Celebrating Grandma's birthday:

All the Willardson sisters (Tara, you are an honorary Willardson sister) at the temple for Joey's wedding.

Kenadie and her cousin Ben don't get to see each other often, but I've never seen two kids get along better or love each other more.

They danced the night away:
Lila and little Dallin joined in on the dancing.  It was so precious but of course I have no pictures of that.  Those kids were the reception's best entertainment. :) 

 Me and my girls at the reception.  

I love Jenny for taking this picture.  It is the ONLY one I have with both of my girls where we are all dressed and looking decent-ish. 

As much fun as we had with our Willardson and Christensen families that week, the girls really missed their daddy and cried for him every night at bedtime. 
(After a meltdown that ended with pleas for Daddy)
These whirlwind trips (especially without Daddy) are hard on these little girls. 

After a fun, fast, and furious trip, we ended with a 3:30am morning and a long day of travel to arrive home to Alaska where we found these flowers and this note on the kitchen table (as well as a spotless house!):

I guess Daddy missed us too. :) 

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