August 1, 2013

The Rough Life

I frequently have out-of-staters ask me if it's hard to live in Alaska.  
Well, the darkest months of the winter aren't exactly a tropical vacation,
but the real torture comes in the summer when the salmon are running.
Nearly 30 of the world's yummiest, cleanest red salmon in one weekend of fishing?!

That's rough! 

And then having to hike to views and scenery like this?!

It's hard, I tell ya! 
So don't come up to this frigid, ugly wasteland!  It's pure torture! ;)


Taylor said...

Well, I was going to, but if you don't want me to, I suppose I'd better not.

Lori said...

Ya, that looks like Hell.

Talia said...

So pretty! Great pictures by the way. :)

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