February 4, 2013

Had I been better at consistently updating the blog in the past few months....

......you would have seen a whole post dedicated to these little bed-head plagued munchkins:

 ......or a post about Kenadie's obsession with all the jewelry she got for Christmas:

.....and a post about Kenadie's love affair with baking, especially since she got her Easy-Bake oven for Christmas (pictures unable to upload.  My computer is on the fritz!)

You also may have seen a post on here dedicated with Lila's quirk of NEEDING something (usually a blanket, but she'll settle for ANYTHING) to snuggle next to the corner of her left eye whenever she sucks her thumb:
(dishrag is super nasty, yes.  But I had to capture the extent of her weirdness on camera before I snatched the rag away from her and flushed her eyes out.)

....or a post dedicated to her love of wearing Kenadie's underwear on her head:

......or a post about our adventures into officially turning "Christensen Chiropractic" into an LLC and all the fun involved in that.

......or just some more pictures of my precious family:

.......or even our attempt at a few family photos on Christmas Eve with uncooperative children (and husband?!):

 Finally a few normal ones:

And the whole Alaskan Christensen gang:

since consistency has not been my strong suit lately, you're just getting all the random updates and pictures at once!  In short, life's great and I love my little family to pieces. 

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