July 8, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!

In past years, my family has gone up to Summit Lake at Hatcher Pass (really amazing mountains behind our house with amazing lakes, hikes, views, and old mines) to celebrate July 4th.
We decided to pick this tradition back up again this year after a hearty lunch of fried chicken, corn on the cob, and fresh salad from the garden.
The drive up the mountains was, as usual, gorgeous:

Usually when we go the Summit Lake at this time of year the water is bright blue surrounded by rocky and green mountains.
However, thanks to a record-breaking snowfall this last winter and a not-so-warm summer, this is what we found:

Beautiful nonetheless.
And it didn't stop us from enjoying the view and a few brave souls even waded in the water. 

We spent the car ride down from the mountain discussing just how important it is that we begin now to teach our children just how wonderful this country is and how blessed we are to live in a nation where we can raise our families in freedom and practice our faith.
Happy Birthday, America! 

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