June 18, 2012

This last month in random pictures

Kenadie was reeeeally excited to get candy thrown to her at the Colony Days parade.

I totally caved and spent the money to let her bounce out all her energy in the bouncy house during Colony Days.  (It allowed me to eat a Sweetie Pie Fried Raspberry Pie all to myself--heaven!)

Kenadie and Lila have had fun playing outside together on sunny days.  Most of their play consists of throwing or eating rocks.

Here is Kenadie at 9am, one hour after I had so nice and neatly french braided her hair. 

Lila is so good at finding the window crayons, that Daddy finally threw them away.

I've been loving my church calling doing Wednesday night activities with the 8-9 year old girls.  In the past few months we've done a Daddy/Daughter kite making day, made cute garden markers, and went on a "scripture scavenger hunt" after which the girls made these adorable scriptures out of Hershey's Nuggets.

We've been LOVING the fresh salmon that our neighbors have caught and have too much of to eat themselves.   Served with broccoli and coconut rice, it is Kenadie's favorite meal.

And I still just love those rare moments when Kenners finally crashes and takes a nap in the most comfortable-looking positions. :)

And today, I'm snuggling with my girls after a busy weekend.  These kids are too much fun.

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