April 28, 2012

Feelin' Good

What happens in Alaska when it hits 65 degrees for the first time in the spring, the sun is shining, and your toddler has months of pent-up energy to get out?
You go over to your parents', allow your toddler to visit the farm animals and get muddy, sit on the lawn and watch the kids play football, and have a weenie roast, of course!

Mommy and both children are in HEAVEN!  
It's so nice to sit outside and feel the warm sun while surrounded by our beautiful mountains (I love living in my hometown).  It was even nicer to be able to spend time with my family.  My mom jokes about how even though she sees and spends all day with my children several days a week, we probably only see each other once a week and sometimes just once every other week--and we only live a few miles apart!  How does life get so busy!?  I think this warmer weather will not only serve as a nice energy outlet for Miss Kenner-gy, but will also draw me to abandon any housework and head over to my mom's for some gardening and more mommy-daughter bonding time. :)

1 comment:

Meg said...

I'm so glad you're getting warmer weather up there. I've been LOVING going on walks lately with Graham, or at least slowly meandering...that's about my speed these days. :)

Happy sunshine!

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