February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandma Lila!

Today was Grandma Lila's birthday.
To celebrate this awesome woman who raised me and has been helping me to raise my girls while I work, 
I recruited the help of my 2 year old. 
First, Kenadie colored a picture for Grandma.  
Then, she geared up in her chef's apparel to make Grandma some sugar cookies.

She had to roll out the dough herself, frost the cookies herself, 
and boy did she love POURING sprinkles all over those cookies!
She was so proud of her work, and when Grandma came to the door this afternoon for a visit, 
Kenners ran up to her with the picture and cookies and shouted, "Grandma, it's your happy birthday!"

Love you, Mom.  You'll never know how much you're appreciated and loved.  What would I do without you!? 

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