December 26, 2011

Kenadie's Kitchen

Remember this old entertainment center found off craigslist? 

Well, after weeks of sanding, sawing, painting, sewing, and a dozen other little projects, it has become this beautiful kitchen for the girls:

It was so much fun to create:
We found the faucet on an old sink in Grannie and Grandpa's barn, as well as the really cool vintage glass knobs we used for the stove. 
A few dome lights served as the kitchen and oven lights.
The local thrift store provided fabric for curtains and little glasses and jars for the shelves. 
And then I had to put in a "window" with a view of the Knik glacier.  Who wouldn't want that view out of their kitchen window!?
To top it off, we added little hooks for aprons, oven mits, and spatulas, and painted one side with chalkboard paint so Kenners can scribble away!

It ended up being A LOT more work than I had ever imagined, but so much fun and so worth the excitement on Kenadie's face as she began cooking up a storm. 

It's going to be a lot of fun having this toy in our home for years to come.

PS. I had to throw in a picture of the froggie jammies that I made for Kenadie, because they are so stinkin' cute :)


rawhide said...

holly....that is amazing! it looks like a ton of work but so cool for your girls.

Meg said...

WOW! Kenadie is one lucky little girl to have such an ambitious and talented mama. What a priceless gift, Holly. I want to make one now, although I guess I should think more in terms of workbenches and rocket ships for now. :)

Camber said...

Holly, you are so stinking awesome. What vision! What fortitude! That little kitchen is sooo cute.

The Allen Family said...

Seriously that is so awesome! It turned out so cute. I would have never had that idea from an old entertainment center! You girls will love that, and it will last so much longer than any store made kitchen. Way to go!!!!

Miner said...

Holly I am constantly in awe of you. What an awesome idea and it's sooo cute! Happy New Year.... hope it's filled with lots of cooking sessions. :)

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