November 2, 2011

Refinishing madness!

After many late nights of sanding, painting, and staining, we now have working and finished dressers to house all of our clothing!  It FINALLY feels like we are mostly moved-in now that we don't have clothes spilling out of boxes and decorating the floors.  Hooray!  
Here's the first finished dresser in our room:
Garrett was so quick to start refinishing this one that I didn't get a "before" picture, which is a bummer because it was truly hideous, but I'm so excited about how it turned out! 
Here's dresser #2 before:

and after:

And here is Kenadie's dresser before:

and after:

Grannie also graciously let us rid her barn of these end tables which we refinished black to match our bedroom dressers and are using as bedside tables.  
No after picture yet, but they turned out great (and kind of look funny next to our mattress that just sits on the floor). 

I still have one more hutch/dresser and a rocking chair to refinish, but I think they'll have to wait awhile because I have ambitions of repainting and sprucing up an old, wood play kitchen to give Kenners for Christmas.  And hello, it's already November!?  
Time is ticking, better get started!


Taffy and Tony said...

Awesome! I LOVE them all!

Meg said...

Way to see the diamond in the rough and bring it out! Wow! When I saw the before picture of Kenadie's dresser, I thought, "How in the world did she make that cute?" And then, the after picture showed me it was possible. Well done!

Taylor said...

Holy wow, those look amazing! Very inspiring!

The Allen Family said...

Your handiwork looks fab! Miss you like crazy! I bet you are loving your house and getting it all put together.

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