May 9, 2011

Grateful Sunday

At the end of Mother's Day yesterday, 
I went to sleep feeling very loved
but mostly feeling very grateful that I have been able to spend every day for the past (nearly) two years being a mom.

It is the greatest calling, challenge, honor, and blessing I have
and I was reminded of it multiple times yesterday while playing with my little lady and feeling another little lady practice her round-off-back-hand-spring against my internal organs.  :)
I hope every mother out there felt loved and felt the joy that I do holding the title of "Mommy". 
Happy Mother's Day.

1 comment:

Claire Christensen said...

Yes being a Mother is the greatest calling on earth. We are co-creators with God! What a huge blessing to be able to be responsible for the life of one of God's children. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for my beautiful children, all 10 of them, he he, I got of easy with 5 of them, ha. I love you Holly and am so grateful for your many sacrifices and the bountiful love you have for your family!

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