April 13, 2011


....you just gotta say "screw it" to all this gestational diabetes and gluten sensitivity crap and bake yourself some whole wheat cinnamon bread.
So I did.
And Kenners helped.

And Garrett devoured it.

And the best news.....I even ate some without suffering the serious blood sugar and digestive consequences. 
 My two secrets??
First, I have discovered that despite my digestion's disapproval of most things gluten, it has almost no problem with wheat that I grind and bake myself.  White flour, pasta, and other processed gluten products are an entirely different story, but hey, I am just happy to be able to eat my homemade bread without any serious side effects!

My second awesome secret for those of you who are well acquainted with gestational diabetes: 
I have been taking a supplement called MetaGlycemX, which is all-natural and full of cinnamon and other herbs to help the pancreas function at its optimal level and balance blood sugar levels.  To be honest, I started taking this supplement mostly just to humor my husband.  I did not expect any results, seeing as my blood sugar has been sky-rocketing despite a near-zero carb intake (by the way, salads and protein get old reeeeeeally fast. Just sayin'.....)
So I began taking these little tablets with my meals and within a few days my blood sugars were back to normal.  Then I began having a piece of bread or fruit with a meal and still my blood sugars have been near-normal!  I even had a little bit of ice cream last night: normal blood sugar!   I'm not saying that this is the answer for every gestational diabetic woman out there to be able to eat whatever she wants,
but I honestly thought my carb-consuming days had come to a swift end for the next few months....
.....and now, I am going to help myself to some cinnamon bread with my breakfast tomorrow morning.
Happy dance!


Misner Family said...

That is AWESOME. Im glad you can make your bread and eat it too. Glad things are going well.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you have found something that works so great! I take metaglycemX As well for dysautonomia. do you notice any side effects right after you take it? I always feel kindof queasy for about a half hour.

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