April 27, 2011


Despite my day-before-Easter mishaps,
Easter was wonderful.
Kenners looked adorable in the dress Grandma Christensen got her. Of course she wouldn't hold still or crack a smile for a picture, so this is the best we got:
 Thanks Grandma!

 I really enjoyed our Easter program and lessons at church and I felt spiritually filled.
But what is Easter (or any holiday) without filling yourself physically as well!?
We had some friends over for dinner and I made a simple but delicious Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo recipe to go with salad, homemade bread, Italian sodas, and raspberry crumble and ice cream.
It was heavenly!
(And what was even more heavenly was deciding not to take my blood sugar afterward....ignorance is bliss!)

But the most fun part of the day was Kenadie's little Easter egg hunt.
I was hesitant to do an egg hunt for her because I figured that she wouldn't really catch on to the idea of looking for eggs.
But I underestimated her; she had a blast looking for those eggs (and even more fun playing with the play dough inside the eggs)!

I may have had more fun watching her than she had with her egg hunt.
Being a mom is the best. :)

1 comment:

Claire Christensen said...

Wish I was there! I would have to rehide all the eggs quite a few times before my kids would get there fill of hunting. Good times!

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