April 16, 2011

Beach Days!

The first few days of vacation were a little cool and overcast, so we spent a lot of time here:
Keeping warm in Papa's hot tub! 
However, the last two days have been sunny and WARM, so we finally got some good beach days! 

 Kenners had no fear of the water.

And she LOVED the sand.  

However, you would have thought she was being tortured by how much she cried over having to be put under the shower to wash it all off. :)

And you would have thought that I had spent all day long in the sun without sunscreen on by how extremely red I am (even though I was lathered up with SPF 50 both days).  Honestly, who would have thought that a measly sunburn could put you through so much pain!?
Definitely worth it, though, to get to sit by the ocean and feel the WARM sun. 
Is it just me, or was this last winter a reeeeeally long one??
(And Minnesotans, I'm sorry about the snow today....honestly, April 16th!?  Do I dare come home!??)

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