March 10, 2011

In Town.....

We've had two visitors come into town this week. 
Both will probably be sticking around for the next three or so months.
Visitor 1: I'm not so fond of...but this visitor isn't going anywhere until the baby arrives.
Visitor 2: I enjoy a lot more, and even my husband wishes this visitor would NEVER leave. (Unfortunately, Visitor #2 will most-likely leave promptly when the baby arrives.)

Thanks to Visitor #2 showing up a few days ago...our kitchen is rearranged, our bathroom is deep cleaned (as in, I don't think it's been this clean in 20 years because that's how nasty/old our bathroom is), my car is sparkly clean inside and out (for the first time in....a long time!), we've gotten rid of several garbage bags of stuff, and the baby clothes have all been scavenged through so I know exactly what I have and need when baby comes. 
Thanks to Visitor #1, my feet are itchy and pretty soon it will be quite uncomfortable to wear most of my shoes.

Visitor #1: Cankles.
Visitor #2: Nesting.

Now thanks to the productivity that Visitor #2 brought to this week, I will spend my evening making lemonade out of the lemon that is Visitor #1 by giving myself a rare foot soak and painting my toenails.

Oh, and this weekend, Visitor #3 comes into town:
my sister, Sadie!!
Can. not. wait.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Haha!! I am excited you get to have Sadie there soon! :)

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