February 24, 2011

Snow Kidding!

 Last weekend saw Minnesota hit by a blizzard just as crazy as the one in December.
We were bLeSsEd with 19" of snow, bringing the total snowfall for this winter up to a near-record-breaking 74".
What's that??
You wish you lived in Minnesota, too!?  Well, thou shalt not covet.

I must say, everything does look very beautiful covered in white
and we've been able to go on some fun (and frigid) walks through the winter wonderland.  Kenadie LoVEs the snow.....

Would you believe that this mountain of snow has melted to half its size already!?

Here's our wind chime, when only about 10" of snow had fallen so far.....
Surprisingly, I haven't been as down and glum this (extremely) cold and snowy winter like I thought I would be.  Maybe my relatively decent mood as of late is due to not being at-death's-door-sick anymore with this pregnancy, but I have a feeling that a combination of work, church, being a mommy, juggling schedules, and planning/anticipating the end of school and a move to who-knows-where have all contributed to keeping me busy enough to not let the solid -20 degree winter effect me.....too much, anyway.
Because let's be honest: the snow (or "no", per Kenners) may be beautiful, but I am really looking forward to some warm weather, green grass, and visits to the pool and park.....
....which in Minnesota could not happen until mid-June, but hey, that's only a few months away..... :) 

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