February 12, 2011

The Problem with Blogging

I've decided that there is a definite problem to this whole blogging thing:
Sometimes life gets busy and you can't blog.
By the time you have time to sit down and blog, you wonder where to start, because just too much has happened or has been going on since you last blogged.
And that makes you procrastinate blogging even more.
I remember doing this when I was a faithful journal-keeper. 
If a few weeks went by without writing in my journal, I'd avoid it even more because I just had too much to write about by that point and it was just overwhelming!
And that's the dilemma I have found myself in the past 4ish months.
And I'm assuming that some of you (ahem...Nicole, Adrienne, Jenny, Mom Christensen, Violet, etc etc) are in the same boat and that's why I haven't seen any blog posts from you in awhile.
I understand (but at the same time, I sure would love to see you blog again soon :) ........

So.  Where should I start? 
I guess work has been hectic-crazy.  The little Old Alzheimer people are fine.  Their families....not so much.  As a nurse I feel like I get to see a lot of the crazy in people (and I'm not talking about the patients).  Sometimes I'm nearly convinced that half the world's population must be clinically insane from what I've seen of patients' families, and family disputes are unfortunately common when the illness of a loved-one is involved.
Yesterday the cops had to show up to help fizzle out one such family dispute.  It was that kind of a day. 
I wanted to hide in my office because I am not a big security guard or a bouncer and I stink at dealing with heated confrontation.
Thank heavens for the weekend!


Kenners has been cute, but what's new, right!? 
She's gone from saying nothing to saying everything in the past few months.  Yesterday when I got home from work she pumped her fists with glee and ran over to me.  I was almost touched at how happy she was to see me.....until she just reached for my cell phone (she likes me to play music on it so she can dance).  She grabbed the cell phone, kissed it, and then ran off.  Yikes.
And then she dropped it and my crappy cell phone broke apart (happens 10+ times a day) and the battery went bouncing off into the kitchen.  "Oh shoot, Kenners!" I said and then went to retrieve the cell phone parts.  "Shoot!"  she repeated.
I guess I'm going to have to watch my language and start excluding things like "crappy" from my vocab......


We're trying to decide where in the world (or rather, the USA) we're going to live.  Come August, Garrett will be done with school and ready for a three month internship after which he will be: Da da da da!! 
Dr. Christensen, DC.  Hooray!!
So, any suggestions on where we should live??  We're really having a rough time with this one,
and it's driving me nuts. 


Usually when Garrett watches Kenners while I'm at work,
I come home to something like this:
half-naked girl with disheveled hair. 
 I guess that yesterday Garrett actually wanted to make an effort to have our child not look like a complete hooligan, because this is what I saw when I got home:
Bless his heart. 
We'll call this the "Mulan 'do".
And we'll keep working on the "dressing our child" part.

Oh, and we have been dealing with Fifth's Disease in our household.
Lots of fun.
Never heard of it??
Go google it. 


Alright, I'm sure my life lately has consisted of a lot more (because finding time to blog really has seemed nearly impossible) but I forget
and forgetting has kind of been my specialty lately:
Garrett asks me to get him a vitamin C tablet, so I take the tablet myself and hand him the lid.
I call my mom for some important question, and when she answers I say, "Shoot, I don't know why I'm calling you...." 
Stuff like that.
Maybe I have time to blog but I'm forgetting that too.
Maybe all you bloggers who haven't been blogging lately have the same problem?


Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

It is always a treat to peruse your blog. I love the hair by the way. That is one of my fears with this little girl I am having...I am actually going to have to take care of her. Boys are so much easier. Good luck with everything. PS come live in Utah County so we can be friends!

Claire Christensen said...

I know I'll get a good laugh when I read your blog so I hope you never stop blogging like some people I know, (you're pretty right on about why I don't blog) but thanks for the encouragement, you've inspired me:)
did you get my package yet? I sent Kennadie something to wear, maybe Garrett will put it on her:-)

Melissa said...

Lily had Fifths disease about 2 months ago...no fun! I love the 'Mulan' do!! And I am voting for you guys doing an intership in the Mesa, AZ area, if I get a vote. :)You should post more stories from work, then you and I could compare notes!! Sounds like we lead somewhat similar work lives...working with elderly/demenia patients. Glad everything is going so good!!

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