February 18, 2011


My life rocked this Valentine's week:

~ I made the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for a Valentine's church activity and came home with leftovers: oh yum!

~ We weren't planning on going out to celebrate Valentine's day, but Garrett surprised me on Valentine's night with a babysitter, dinner at a Brazilian restaurant, a long walk outside (because 30 degrees feels almost tropical after -15 degrees for months straight), and coming home to red roses all over our bedroom.  Happy Valentine's Day to me!

~ Cops didn't have to show up at work this week = a much better work week.

~ My friend threw a little Valentine's party for a bunch of little kiddos.  This actually happened last week, but it fits in the category of "Love day", so I'm throwing it in now. :) 
Kenadie loved the heart-shaped jell-o jigglers:

And licking the frosting off of the cookies she decorated:

There was salad, brownies, Oreo truffles, and a bunch of other goodies for the adults to munch on and PBJ sandwiches for the kiddos (made with pink and white marbled bread, soooo cute!):

The kids also enjoyed making Valentine's cards and reading Valentine's-themed books. Such a fun little party and cute idea.  I may have to steal it for future years, because kids should be able to have so much fun on Valentine's Day too, right!?

~ Garrett is going out on a camping trip with the youth in our church.  Their camping in snow caves.  Just in time for the weather to drop from out balmy 40 degrees down to the 10s (or lower).  I'm kind of glad that I get to stay home where it's warm and dry, even if Kenners and I will probably be watching "How to Train Your Dragon" again. :)  Oh, well.  It'll be a fun "girls' night in". 

What's not to love about a week including all the above!? 

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