February 24, 2011

A busy life is a blessed life.

I have always been a day-planner freak.
In high school I was an FFA State Officer and with that duty came a big, fat Franklin Covey planner to help me organize my time.  I never went anywhere without that thing and my days were full and planned down to the hour.  I remember losing my planner a few times and having near-meltdowns because that dang thing "had my life in it".  Eek.  College was pretty similar, except I was poor and couldn't afford the Franklin Covey planner but a cheapo one still did the job and still went with me everywhere (and yes, you can say it: dork.)

Since having Kenners, I have ditched the planner and have relied solely on my wall calendar to keep my life organized.  Long-gone are the days when FFA ran my life and I no longer have nursing classes, college sports events, or dates with guys to "pencil in" to my day, so I figured that I could simplify life and try NOT having my every hour of every day planned out in a little notebook.  The wall calendar has been working out pretty well so far and it's kind of nice to just glance up at it once a day to remind me of a few events or things to do....until the other day when I realized that I couldn't fit one more item onto the small square of a certain date.  Apparently, life is becoming a little busier.....

Garrett's clinical schedule is busy, plus he shadows chiropractors and volunteers at a free clinic on the weekends and travels during some weekends to attend chiropractic seminars and works with the youth of our church.  It's hard to keep up with him!  Me?  It doesn't seem like I do many structured things beyond work, church, and your usual mommy/wife errand and duties, but I somehow come up with a hodge-podge of things that have filled my calendar to the point where I wonder how I'll manage my family when I no longer have only ONE child. (I mean seriously, Mom, how did you do it!?)  

Truth is, I like to be busy and keep my life void of boredom.  So I'm really lovin' life, I must say.  It's just crazy to look at my calendar and realize everything that needs to fit into the next few months: baby's arrival, sister's wedding, seminars and Boy Scout camp-outs for Garrett, deciding where to move when Garrett graduates, finding new jobs, moving, all on top of trying to keep the flow of our regular routine in the meantime.  I'm thinking it would be kind of nice right now to have the companionship of my trusty ol' Franklin Covey planner because it's a little overwhelming to think of all these big events and changes coming up in our lives and I want to make sure I'm keeping it all organized....but then again, I really kind of like seeing a full calendar up on my wall.  It reminds me as I pass it on my way to throw away another dirty diaper that we have some pretty fantastic things to look forward to in the next little while.  

Life may be busy and all the change can be a little overwhelming, but I want to remember that life is just busy because it is stuffed full of blessings, so many blessings that they almost don't fit on that calendar.  And that's a humbling and happy feeling.

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Charles said...

So true Holly, I feel the same way when so much is happening. Lots of blessings is what is really is!!! You guys are doing amazing! Moving, chaning jobs and having a baby are the 3 biggest stresses in a persons life, you are going through all 3 at the SAME TIME!!! I will do anything I can to help you. I love you so much!!

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