July 20, 2010

Life According to Kenners

Oh, hello.

I am cute.
But I guess you all knew that by the way that my mother has practically created a shrine to me out of this blog.  So embarrassing.
Anyhow, I figured that it was time you got all the juicy details about our family from my point of view.
Because there is only so much truth that Mommy adds to these blogs, and it's only fair that you know the WHOLE truth....
So here goes:
Mommy gets very cranky when I wake her up in the middle of the night.
All I'm thinking is, "Sheesh, lady!  At least you're not the one with molars cutting through your gums!"  
I mean, please. 

Daddy is gone at school all the time which stinks because he is by far my favorite person.  No offense, Mommy, you do play with me, feed me, read to me, and change all my poops, but Daddy's funnier and tosses me higher in the air.  And whenever he's home, he takes me to the pool.

I am about to label Mommy as the "pushover parent" because I am discovering that shrieking at the top of my lungs for ten-minutes non-stop can sometimes reward me a graham cracker.
I think Mommy is aware of her folly, but I hope she doesn't plan to rectify this...

Mommy has a new addiction called HGTV, and it's pretty annoying to hear her always talk about "someday when we have a house".  Blah, blah, blah, blah, bah!  As if I care!?!

I have found where Mom and Dad keep the video phone and I have figured out how to call my cousins and literally talk to them....a few dozen times a day!  So Mom and Dad put the video phone where I can't reach it....but I figured a way to still pull it down and call my peeps.   

Mommy sneaks me the occasional chocolate chip cookie (which Daddy would rather her not), and Daddy lets me eat sand, dirt, and grass (which Mommy would rather he not).  Basically, between both of my parents, I kind of get whatever I want!

Mommy has lost her keys, sunglasses, and work phone multiple times within the last week.  This makes me a little nervous seeing as I depend on this woman for my survival and well-being. 

I have recently become Daddy's personal alarm clock in the morning after he presses the snooze button.  Mommy just plops me right on his stomach and within seconds, he's wide awake.  Mommy thinks this is awesome; Daddy only thinks it's awesome sometimes....

Mommy burned a pot of rice to a black crisp the other day, so I don't know how much I would trust any recipe she puts on this blog....

....I guess that just about sums it up, except for the fact that Mommy and Daddy have been looking at the calendar multiple times a day with excitement and have circled August 13th.  Something about Utah and a bear and lakes.  I dunno, but they seem pretty happy about it.....I'm just happy to get my occasional chocolate chip cookie!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely hysterical post! Love, love, loved it! Thank you for sharing.

Happy day. :)

Have fun at Bear Lake! The cooler water will feel good with ALL the HOT heat we have been having here in Northern Utah!

George and Heidi Skinner said...

Holly, seriously, I LOVE your blog! It's so darned cute!! I can't wait till I can see you guys again and squish those cute chub cheeks!! Probably won't be for a couple years though :( Keep up the blogging!!

Taffy and Tony said...

How cute! I often wonder if our toddlers could talk what they would say! Now I know. Haha.

Nicole said...

I LOVE it when you write for Kenners!!! You are so FUN Holly!!!

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