June 13, 2010

We made it!

To the end of the week, that is. 
It was a busy, long, awesome one.
The highlights:
*I worked 4 days this week (one of them being Saturday = icky ick).
*Kenadie spent much time grappling with her BFF, "Kung Fu Kenadie Bear".
*We babysat for some friends all Friday afternoon and evening.
*I made many-a-desperate-phone-call to try and find a new babysitter for Kenadie while I work (and finally had success!!!!).
*Kenners discovered her nostrils.

*I had an IN-SANE day at Nursery today with 14 little munchkins and about a dozen mishaps.....a story for another day.....
*Kenners wore pigtails for the first time and the resulting cuteness caused much cheek-smooch-age.

*During the week-long gloom and rain, I longed for another pool day like this:

*I spent my one "free day" trying to de-clutter my humble abode.
*I read this incredible talk from our church's General Conference and now have a greater resolve to be a better mother.
 *As soon as I got the apartment picked up and clean every time this week, I saw this soon after:

I hereby dub Kenadie, "Kenner-bo-Fenners, Tornado Queen of Destruction".
and she is destructive.
I recently timed her handy-work
and in less than 10 minutes of having a clean apartment, every drawer (within reaching height) in our apartment had been impressively emptied and scattered.
That's my girl!

Garrett comes home from a long day of school and studying, finds me making dinner while making aforementioned phone-calls, looks at Tornado Queen's destructive path, and says, "We probably shouldn't let her get into all this stuff."
Oh Gar, I love you! :) 
Thus ends a nearly perfect week a la Christensen Familia. 

1 comment:

Talia said...

Wow Kennadie JUST discovered her nostrils?! You are lucky. :)

I hear you on the house being destroyed in 2 seconds thing!! Imagine it x3!! I will always remember when I was pregnant with Caleb, Nicole came down and saw our bedroom and I distinctly remember her laughing and pointing to my neatly organized book shelf down low and saying "that won't stay there!" I was so confused and totally didn't get what she was implying. I gave a fake laugh--- fast forward 9 months...I could only laugh at loud as I finally understood!! hehe

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