June 8, 2010

Man's Best Friend

Introducing Miss Kenners and Miss Gracie:

They are here to demonstrate how dog has become man's best friend...
(and how the dog manages to tolerate it)
An instant babysitter!
I can now see why so many households with small children have them.


The Allen Family said...

Hilarious. Seriously, doesn't she come in handy? Love it!

this blog author said...

Love, love, love the captions! SO adorable! How, by the way, do you get your captions on your photos? I would love to learn how this is done. Help, please?

Thank you!

Happy night. :)

Holly June said...

Do you have a Mac?
Because there is a Comic strip program on our Mac that I use to do the captions.....it's a ton of fuN!

this blog author said...

Thank you for telling me how you do your fancy captions. :)

No, I do not have a Mac. That is why I cannot do it on my computer. :(

Have a great night!

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