June 4, 2010


Check out that girl's chops!  
All these teeth are making her look more and more like a little girl and less and less like a baby.  :(
Oh, well.  All I ask is that she have MY teeth. 
I've never had braces or cavities and--bless his little heart--Garrett has had braces twice, countless cavities, and had to have his four front teeth capped a few years ago.  In one word: YIKES.
So I've always hoped (for the sake of our future dental bills) that our children will NOT get their dad's teeth.
And then I went in for a dental check-up yesterday expecting the usual: "You have such straight teeth!"  or "You really have never had braces!?" and "Looks perfect. Nothing wrong here!"
Instead, I came out of the office with another appointment to have three cavities filled.
Say wha???
Three cavities!?
I've heard that hormonal changes involved with having kids will bring on cavities.
My perfect dental record is now stained
and I guess it is time for me to join the ranks of the many people who keep dentists in business.
But honestly, declining dentition is worth it to get to see the mischief this little toot creates every day:


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