April 4, 2010

Grateful Sunday

Today, I'm grateful for dumpster diving!
We have been needing a bigger car seat for Kenadie (since she is now too tall for the infant one) 
as well as a lightweight stroller.
I've been putting off getting these items as I've been trying to work them into our budget. 
Then last night, lo and behold, Garrett found these little gems in the dumpster:

No more need to buy these baby items!
As embarrassing as it may be, 
eVErY item of furniture in our apartment (besides our mattress) was found at the dump or was intercepted on its way to the dump.
Granted, a lot of our furniture is threatening to fall apart, but hey, it was all FREE!
I'd like to say that we're just that lucky,
but really, I think we're just that blessed.

I'm also grateful that I decided to make these nummy treats today:
and I'm grateful for these two people:

but most especially, I'm grateful for this beautiful, Easter message.

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