April 10, 2010

Busy by the numbers

Nothing too fabulous to report
except that this week has been (and the next will be) busy
for a number of reasons:

It is strawberry season, and in my decision to do more things "Super Oberg", I learned how to make freezer jam (um, that was actually ridiculously easy!).  My friend, Cheri, and I made 5 batches the other day.  I think we have enough jam to last us 1 year....unless I keep pigging out on toast and jam like I have the past few days (yum!).....in that case, our jam may only last us another 2 weeks.

I put on my nursing hat this beauifully-sunny Saturday to go take care of 90 wrinkly, old (and kinda gross) toes.

I had the same conversation with one of my little old ladies 7 times in the 33 minutes that I did her foot cares.  So much fun.

Only 4 more days until my sister, Hanna, comes to visit!! Woohoo!  I have some yummy dinners to plan and even yummier desserts to make for when she's here.

Kenadie has cut 4 teeth in less than 2 weeks with 2 more on the way!  Can you say "fussy child"?

Due to the teething, I have wiped Kenadie's constantly-flowing snotty nose 247 times in the past week.  That may be an over-exaggeration....but it may also be completely understated, because I have officially lost the official count (and I have wiped that nose A LOT). 

I have completed 15 of the 24 continuing education credits that are required in order to keep and renew my nursing license.  Only 9 more credits to go and I'm-too-embarrassed-to-say-how-few days left to do it in!  Go me!

Garrett will be done with his 5th trimester of chiropractic school in 5 days.  I cannot wait for him to be done!  
Then he will only have 17 more months of school, 20 months until he is graduated, and 20+ years to be the Dr. Oz of chiropractors (because I think he'll be pretty awesome).  Hallelujah!

In only 7 days, our family is saying "hola" to San Diego and spending 12 fabulous days of sunshine, avocados, carne asada, beach, and good company with Garrett's parents.
I am so excited!!!!!
(Thank you, Sid and Claire, for living in such a wonderful vacation place!)

I have done 0 hours of house-cleaning this week.
But I have worked nearly 20 hours,
have probably spent most of my free time smooching Kenadie's 2 fluffy cheeks,
have had 3 fun, late-night chats with my husband,
and feel like 1 lucky girl.


Talia said...

Can you stop in Denver so we can squeeze into your suitcases?!!

Holly June said...

Um, I think we ARE stopping in Denver!! Hop on in! :)

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