June 26, 2014

Miss Mary

I know I've written about it numerous times, but this past fall, winter, and spring have been somewhat adventurous for our family!
From starting Garrett's practice, to living with one vehicle, to having a baby, to discovering our baby will need surgery this summer, to losing many of our possessions in a fire, to moving several times, and then adding a funeral, birthdays, preschool, field trips, illnesses, church callings, etc into the mix, I'm feeling pretty good about myself for not going crazy!

Although, I probably would have gone crazy if it wasn't for this very special lady:

Mama Mary Scoresby

 I'm not sure I've ever seen so much selflessness, compassion, and service from one individual before.......
This marvelous woman cleaned out the upstairs of her house for us to come rent.
She let me take her parking spot in the garage during an icy winter while I was huge and pregnant and then again when I had a newborn.
She gave up her pantry in her kitchen for me and created for herself a new pantry down the hall.
She'd watch Lila while I ran Kenadie to and from school.
She took my girls out to feed the chickens and horses nearly every day and would take them for rides on the four wheeler--rain, snow, or shine.
Just one of the daily four-wheeler rides
She is always volunteering to watch others' kids when they are sick, busy, working, etc.  She loves kids and kids love her!!
She is a phenomenal piano teacher to many students who love her dearly.
She is a devoted mother, wife, and grandmother~and we pretty much adopted her as OURS while living under her roof. ;)
She would fix my family meals right after Soren's birth and was an absolute lifesaver making sure we were taken care of.
She would bake with my children and make them pancakes (their favorite!) frequently.  They were in heaven!
I had a ravenous hunger my first few postpartum months and Mary indulged my biggest craving on more than one occasion: homemade apple pie!
When my grandparents' barn burned down and I realized that my journals and pictures had been in there, she was the first to tear up and give me a hug ~ so much compassion and love.
We had many mid-day and late-night chats that I cherished and kept me sane.  In essence, she was my greatest friend and an enormous strength to me.

When we suddenly found an affordable town home to rent this spring, I had to admit.....a part of me felt sad.
Our family was ready to be on our own again and we needed it (as I'm sure Mary and Brian needed a little peace and quiet!), but we had formed such a strong bond with the Scoresbys, and the kids and I had especially become attached to Miss Mary.
I cried when I told her we were moving and cried the day we moved our belongings out of those bedrooms, and I still get a little teary when I think about how wonderful she has been to our family.......

I am glad to report that after 3 months, Lila doesn't ask to "go home to Miss Mary's" everyday anymore and Kenadie doesn't throw fits when she wants to visit Miss Mary but she's away teaching piano lessons.
However, the girls still ask for her frequently and I can't blame them one bit.
She is one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.

(Our kids' adopted grandparents)

I had a lovely surprise-visit from Mary the day after my birthday.  She dropped by with a beautiful flower bouquet, a card, and something she had baked.
I didn't peek at what it was until after she left, and when I lifted the seran wrap to reveal a still hot-from-the-oven and deliciously aromatic apple pie, I got choked up.

I love you, Mary.
Thank you for loving and caring for us so well.
We miss you every day.

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