January 29, 2013

Bald is Beautiful

This post is about 1 1/2 months overdue.
Oh, well.
Once upon a time, my little sister got cancer.  At about mid December, she began losing her hair during chemo treatments.  This was her hair before:
long, blonde, and beautiful. 
After a few large chunks fell out in the shower one day, she decided it was time to just shave the rest off.
So she called her BFF Kylie to come over for moral support while she shaved her head.  Kylie showed up with her husband and within an hour, all three of them were baldies! 

Talk about amazing friends!  
And then not wanting to feel left out, our nephew Brandon decided to shave his head to support Hanna, too:

followed by our brother Joey and his buddy, Matt:

followed by my husband Garrett:

followed by my daddy:

and then our brother, Bret (no picture),
and ultimately, our 13 year old baby sister Annie:

I have never known a more confident girl in my life!  She gave up her lunch periods at school for 3 weeks to sell cookies to raise money for Hanna (and raised nearly $800!) and then convinced that she still hadn't done enough, she decided to shave her head for Hanna on her birthday.  Her remark when she joined the bald club? "Luckily, I still look beautiful without hair!"  Love that girl! 

Hanna, you certainly are the most beautiful bald woman I've ever seen (prettier than I look WITH hair!), and apparently you have started a trend.  
You are so loved by so many, Hanna.  :)
Good luck on your upcoming stem cell transplant next week.  We'll be praying for you!  

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